Astra Specialty – A new comer with big ambitions in Taiwan

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ASTRA-Specialty is a newly established ambitious insurance broker house founded in early 2017, specialized in the Credit and Political Risks. The founder, Kevin Chou, has 17-year experience in Credit Risk related services both as a broker and insurer before. Based in Taipei, ASTRA employs valuable profiles with 20 consolidated years of experience in international broker companies and the bank’s in-house broker company.


Kevin shared with us the key drivers for his company and in what regards Astreos Credit was a plus for his business development:


“In 2017, our key focus was the brand-name marketing and new business development. Our sales activity is very aggressive and our new business development momentum is strong. Even though it is a tough process, we have managed to build up a long list of the potential prospect contacts in the shortest period of time in 2017.


In order to push forward the selling cycle with these potential prospects, as well as to enhance the brand-awareness of ASTRA and our “Astreos Credit” network in Taiwan, we organized a “2018 Economic and Credit Risk Forum” on 18th Jan. together with Coface, and also sponsored by AEGIS Vietnam and Astreos Credit. Prominent speakers were invited to raise awareness about the challenges of doing business in a moving environment. The panel of speakers were prominent actors in economy and underwriting. Here is the agenda covered:


  • Mr. Carlos Casanova, Economist, APAC Region, Coface Group  : “A Fragile recovery: the end of Taiwan’s export-led boom?”
  • Mr. Paul Yang, Director of Chinese-Speaking Business, from AEGIS : “A Star of New Southern Policy – Opportunity and Risk of Vietnam”
  • Ms. Sayaka Koibe, VP, Risk Underwriting, APAC Region, Coface Group : “Challenging China Risk assesment”
  • Mr. Kevin Chou, GM, ASTRA Specialty Insurance Broker : “Myths of Credit Risk Management”





This event was a big success and the venue was full with around 65 participants. The participants included many big Taiwanese groups (i.e. annual sales > USD 1 billion) who are currently served by the other international brokers and many brand-new prospects who are considering to adopt trade credit insurance in the near future. With this good start in 2018, we are confident to grow rapidly and grab a significant market share in Taiwan this year.



At last, we would like to thank the gentlemen from Astreos’ partners and especially Diot Credit. You give us more confidence and competitiveness to introduce our professional service to Taiwan market, and also give Taiwanese clients a better alternative than the existing players. It is our great honor of being the member of Astreos Credit network and we look forward to working with you all and wining more business together. “

Thank You Kevin Chou from Astra Specialty (Taiwan).