Astreos welcomes a new partner in Mexico: RIMAC

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The 2018 Mexico Country Guide is brought to you by Rima, our new Astreos member. Founded in 2014 by four partners, RIMAC specializes in Credit Risk Management and Consulting.


About Rimac

Main Contact

Key Information


Mónica Anabel Gordillo Rincón

Managing director
Tel : + 52 55 5989 3522

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Date of Establishment: 2014
Ranking: First independant
Employees: 12
Credit Insurance Specialists: 8
Nb of offices: 2 (Monterrey and Mexico City)

  • Ground-up
  • Excess of Loss
  • Medium Term
  • Debt collection


RIMAC (Credit Risk Management and Consulting) was founded in June 2014 by four founding members holding over 95 years of experience in Credit Insurance and finance:

  • Monica Gordillo contributed to establish the domestic Trade Credit in Mexico 26 years ago. She has over 30 years of experience with Trade Insurance (formerly with Comesec, Gerling NCM, Atradius and AON).
  • Christian Gonzalez hold over 15 years of experience in Trade Insurance (formerly with Atradius, Aon and Willis)
  • Mario Gordillo has over 30 years of experience with corporate strategy and is greatly renowned within the Finance community
  • Gonzalo de la Cárcova (recently joined as partner) with over 20 years of experience (formerly Country Manager of Coface Mexico)

A word of the managing partner

“Rimac employs 12 people in the team, in order to cater to our 49 Commercial Partner’s needs in the integral management of their credit portfolios through their Trade Credit programs.
We are responsible for managing, reporting and controlling anything related to Trade Credit through online platforms and with the Insurance Companies. We are also responsible for strategic debt collection of important and/or complex debtors.


We have over 30 years experience in the design of Trade Credit Programs and through us more than USD 9 Billion in successful commercial transactions are mediated (both domestic and international). We work with the 4 insurance companies that exist in the country, being the number ONE broker for Atradius, Coface and Cescemex, and being within the top 3 brokers for Solunion.


Our plans are to develop a Service Network in LA but also to develop the first barometer for overdue credits and claims ratio by sector for the totality of the Insurance Industry.


Rimac currently provides services for multinational companies that originate from Mexico, Spain, England, Holland, Uruguay, France and Argentina. Astreos’ information and service platform is key so that in the future we can develop overseas service to our Commercial Partners.”


Mónica Anabel Gordillo Rincón, Managing Partner of Rimac