Accelerating your business

What is financing of Accounts receivable?

Financing tools create liquidity  for business transactions by providing independence from your existing banking facilities. These financial instruments support the growth and development of your company by providing an advance on invoices. Some factors will also collect receivables.

Why should I use financing of Accounts Receivable?

A very efficient tool for companies that are experiencing rapid growth, or have shortfall in working capital or wish to improve their cash flows.

Cash Flow Accelerator

Benefit from cash released as soon as orders are invoiced which can be used for capital investment and for funding the next orders. Bring a financial and strategic resource in case of expected business growth. Be protected from bad debts if there is non-recourse factoring.

Save time to focus on business

Outsource management of accounts receivables. Be provided with credit information on customers to make better credit decisions. Benefit from competitive prices due to the numerous factoring companies looking to secure your business.


How does it work?

Types of factoring

Recourse factoring

How does it work?


A financing solution where your company has to pay back the accounts receivable that the factor failed to collect within a reasonable time after the due date. The fees will continue to accrue until the factor is paid.

Who does it apply to?


Companies requiring improved cash flow, but willing to risk any bad det occurring.

Non-Recourse factoring

How does it work?


A financing solution where the factor accepts the bad debt risk of a payment default by your customer. Companies selling the accounts receivable do not have to refund the advance to the factor but have to pay a higher fee to the factor compared to the Recourse factoring. In return, a bank guarantee is often provided as collateral.


Who does it apply to?


Companies wishing to finance and to transfer all credit risk to a third party.


How does it work?

What is it?

How does it work?


A financing alternative solution for large companies which consists of converting accounts receivable)  into fixed income. Your company submits invoices to a Special Purpose Vehicle for funding. The selling of the accounts receivable doesn’t impact the management of cash collection which remains responsibility of your company.

Thanks to this solution, your company receives immediate liquidity and can improve balance sheet ratios.


Who does it apply to?


Large companies with a comprehensive IT and legal support.

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