FT Corredores de Seguros: our newest partner in Chile – Peru:

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We are a general insurance broker with considerable experience in the market for medium and large companies (property insurance, civil liability, credit, guarantee, etc.). We have more than 25 employees with vast experience in the insurance industry.


FT Corredores de Seguros was founded in 2012, but our partners’ real experience in the sector is since 1992 when MGT was founded (Melo, Gellona, and Tagle). That company became one of the most important brokers in Chile, which caused interest in Willis Group, who bought it in 2006.


In 2015 the FT decided to grow in the financial insurance area. For this, we create a team 100% specialized in credit insurance, and led by Benjamin Melo (Commercial Manager) and Jorge Olivares (General Manager). Each has been in the insurance industry for more than six years. One of our significant advantages is that they worked for two of the most important companies in the market; Coface and Continental. Our account maintenance executive, Pamela Aguirre also worked for more than ten years at Continental and Mapfre (Solunion).

We are interested in working with Astreos because our idea is to grow globally and understand how the market works outside of Chile. In that regard, Astreos Credit keeps us up to date with regular worldwide news.


Our benefits for clients are:

Analyze companies in detail. The idea is to know the company in-depth to be able to offer the best market solutions.

Quote with the whole market:

We always try to obtain quotes from the whole market to ensure the best possible conditions for our clients. 

Advice on collection and claims:

All of our executives worked in credit insurance companies, so we have expertise in all matters relating to our field.

Quarterly or semi-annual visits

We believe that visits are very important to know how the insurance works and maintain the business relationship with the client.