Growth of Integra in Turkey

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While trade Credit Insurance (TCI) market has increased 8% in Turkey, Integra has succeeded to increase its TCI porfolio of 40%, consolidating its position amongst the leaders in Turkey. Please find below a glimpse of the latest developments of Integra.

Key Information

Country :



Local Astreos partner :



Main Contact :

Onur Aksu Director – +90 (549) 799 67 29


Number of Offices :

3 (Istanbul Levent, Istanbul Florya and Ankara)

Date of establishment :

2001 / 2015 (Brand name changed to Integra)


Size :

400 K€ turnover and 4 employees


Ranking in country :



Onur Aksu, the director of Integra shares with us the latest development of Integra in 2017 :


While the Trade Credit Insurance (TCI) market has increased 8% in Turkey, we succeed to increase our TCI porfolio 40% compared to last year. As Integra, we are developping a new software which will work in an integrated manner with ERP system and will provide both operational and supervisory functions for receivable risk management by creating scorecard for each buyer. It will also offers comprehensive analysis of aging and outstanding trends of buyers with some guidance to support the company grow strategy.


Integra remains one of biggest TCI producer in Turkey with 6,5% market share. After the change in the public procurement law, bonding market has been revitalized and some insurers are inquiring to enter the market. We recruited two financial advisors which are specialized in banking products such as bank of guarentee and bonding and we are planning to develop in bonding area.


By taking into consideration economical growth projection of Turkey and TCI market expectation, we are expecting to reach 8% market share with 40% increase.


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