Leaderim Israel : a newcomer in the Astreos network

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Leaderim insurance brokers, Israel, is one of the top insurance consultants and insurance brokers in Israel.


Since it was founded in 1995, Leaderim has been active in all fields of commercial insurance in providing a professional service to several hundred clients in all areas of commerce, industry and services. Leaderim has over 40 dedicated staff. We pride ourselves in being professional, dynamic and think out of the box.


In 2015, Leaderim decided to expand its activity to include credit insurance related products along with increasing the activity of political risks. The background for this decision was the entrance of Coface to the Israeli market that up until then had only 2 insurers for almost 3 Decades. The entrance of a third insurance company to the market was a game changer which opened the market for the involvement of brokers introducing expertise and new products.


Ayelet Porat with more than 13 years of experience in Credit and Political Risks has joined Leaderim to head the department. Ayelet served as finance manager at several high-tech companies in Israel and VP business development at ICIC-the Israeli credit insurance company 50%  owned by Euler Hermes.


Ayelet shared with us the key drivers for Leaderim to join Astreos Credit :


“We believe that with the professional network team and the international connections of Astreos Credit in the international credit insurance market we will have more accessibility to more insurance companies and to various solutions that are not familiar in Israel”.