News from our Astreos Partner in Vietnam : AEGIS

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AEGIS has made significant progress since our last corporate blog with Astreos-Credit, further expanding and paving our way into Myanmar, with the official opening of our representative office in Yangon, Myanmar, better known in the West as Rangoon, Burma.


In a relatively short-time, we have been able to establish strong relationships with key market players, regulators, supporting our global partners and providing effective and valuable liaison with clients through the representative office with our “on the ground” team, allowing us to achieve great progress in the country. We continue to possess a highly competitive, qualified and proactive team within the insurance industry in this region, and are proud to remain the leading independent intermediary alternative to global brokers in Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos.


In addition, we have had two key members joining our team, Paul Yang, who will  act as the “Greater China Desk” director and with over 20 years of experience in the industry, we believe he will be an invaluable asset to support our global partners on global or local accounts emanating anywhere worldwide as well as those from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan or where there is a requirement for Chinese language based requirements. Aaron Au, our newest team member joins us from the United Kingdom, and will spearhead business development opportunities and will no doubt expand our client base portfolio within the region.


We rely on building strong relationships with both global partners and clients and hope to collaborate closely with Astreos members in all territories as we continue to offer competitive, personal value added services now and the future.

Prepared by AEGIS | Astreos-Credit Vietnam