News From Our Astreos Partner in Italy: Assiteca

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Ferdindando Capece Minutolo is sharing with us the latest news at Assiteca Credit Division.


Assiteca:  who we are?


The Assiteca Group was established in 1982 by some professionals from the insurance sector, and it is now considered one of the major insurance brokers in Italy.  From the very beginning, the Group developed a growth program based on regional penetration, through the acquisition or establishment of local companies, allowing Assiteca to be in the major national production and entrepreneurial centres throughout Italy.


Assiteca becomes the first broker to be publicly traded on an Italian exchange market (July, 2015).


Thanks to its presence, Assiteca is able to provide a constant service in consulting and assisting the Customer, supported by a comprehensive range of customized services, with technical and business professionalism.


About Assiteca Crediti


The changing economic situation has had on the credit market the following effects:

  • companies have focused on enhancing and improving their trade information quality and some have changed their products by narrowing the scope of certain guarantees;
  • today, the solvency of the company seeking the insurance coverage and the clientele on which the analysis of the credit risk is made, are becoming more and more important.


In the light of these changes, each company should assess with a wider perspective some aspects pertaining to credit insurance. It then becomes fundamental to rely on an experienced broker like Assiteca, which, through the Credit Insurance Division, has been working for many years as a broker between the company and the insurance market, offering the solutions most suitable to the customers’ specific requirements.


The Credit Insurance Division, in 2016 reached 16 Units,  7 Specialists and 9 dedicated Account Managers, now has its offices in Verona, Milano, Firenze (new office)  and in Roma, and was set up to offer an effective insurance solution to companies, together with a comprehensive service allowing a simpler internal monitoring of customers’ credit rating and guaranteeing the continuous support in credit risk management.


The credit insurance Market in Italy



On June 29th, on an exclusive evening at Palazzo Mezzanotte, home of Borsa Italiana (Italian Stock Exchange Market), Assiteca was awarded as the Insurance Broker of the year (2017) with the prestigious Le Fonti Awards. The Recognition was awarded with the following motivation: “To be an Italian excellence and industry leader. For having also known, following the listing to Aim, getting premium and revenue growth and launching strategic acquisitions. ” Assiteca was also awarded in 2016 as Excellence of the Year for the commitment to spreading the culture of insurance.



*AIM Italia is the market of Borsa Italiana devoted to the Italian small and medium enterprises with  high growth potential. The Market was born on 1st March 2012 through the merger of AIM Italia and MAC markets, for the purpose of rationalizing the offer of the markets devoted to SMEs and proposing a single market conceived for Italy’s more dynamic and competitive SMEs, with a formula that leverages on the know-how obtained in more than 15 years of experience of the British AIM on one side and on the specific needs of the Italian entrepreneurial system on the other side.   It is conceived for offering a faster and more flexible procedure to listing, protecting investors at the same time, thanks to an efficient regulatory system that meets the needs of small businesses and specialized investors.


Thank you to Ferdinando Capece Minutolo from Assiteca for his news report!