Overview – Lockton Brazil Trade Credit Insurance

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Lockton Brazil has over 22 years of accumulated experience in Trade Credit and Political Risk experience in the country, with some clients being with us for over a decade.


This is one of the core areas of expertise of our company in Brazil representing over 15% of the local revenues and managing over US$ 3 bi in insurable turnover. This is the result of investments in an expert team and innovative IT tools for our customers.

Today, we have 6 fully dedicated and highly specialized professionals with large experience in trade credit insurance, the largest team among multinational brokers, which gives Lockton both the actual capacity of providing customized servicing to clients and a unique capacity of a Brazil based team to place risks abroad, accessing international markets whenever needed by our customers.


We offer locally a wide range of solutions including custom designed policies, finance driven structures for trade finance operations, political risks cover and credit risk management support to our customers.










Our IT solutions include an exclusive platform developed for Credit Limit and Exposure management for finance driven policies, which allows monitoring of approved credit limits and exposure / discounted receivables. The platform can be used for export policies controlling exposure per country, type of operation and business divisions of the insured company.



Lockton Brazil today has nearly 200 employees and has placed premiums in excess of US$ 150 million last year, which positions us among the largest brokers operating in the country. Despite the adverse economic scenario, Lockton continues to invest in Brazil including the acquisition of two specialized corporate brokers in the last 18 months and the opening of a new branch in Campinas, a large industrial and service city in the countryside of Sao Paulo state, in addition to our headquarters in Sao Paulo city and branch office in Rio de Janeiro.

Thank you Franklin and Guilherme for this insight on Lockton Brazil!