ZIA Insurance – Our newest partner in Greece

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ZIA INSURANCE is a fast-growing independent insurance advisory firm located in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece, with a deep knowledge of the global market. Managed by brokers with years of experience in the field, a multinational portfolio, and distinguished private clientele, it specializes in business-to-business practices and insurance policies across various industries, acting on behalf of its clients and providing them with expert advice and innovative solutions to even the most specialized risks.
A member of HIBA (the Hellenic Insurance Brokers’ Association), a leader in Northern Greece, and a top brokerage handling one of the largest number of credit insurance policies nationwide (more than 60 at local and international level) ZIA INSURANCE is known for tailoring packages to each client’s unique needs.

Why Astreos Credit?

With our recent partnership with Astreos Credit, we at ZIA INSURANCE have found the ideal business partner to ensure that our clients continue to receive quality services from an independent, high-quality company known for its specialization in credit risk, throughout the entire process of audit, recommendation, implementation, and optimization.

All of our specialized credit insurance contracts are:

  • Handled by an experienced and specialized management department.
  • Monitored by the same team, that provides direct guidance on all potential losses.
  • Effectively managed in terms of credit limits to maximize insurance cover.

Sharing the same values as Astreos Credit, we move forward with an expanded global network that provides an additional layer of stability and technical expertise across all our policies.

At ZIA INSURANCE, we want our clients to feel secure and ensure their assets are properly protected. With our Astreos Credit partners, they can rest assured that their business, whether in Greece or abroad, is in the best hands.